Cornerstone Laid Down for Russia's First Facility for Autodestruct Syringes Production

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A capsule commemorating the commissioning of construction of the manufacturing facility for production of the third generation autodestruct syringes has been laid down in Lotos Special Economic Zone.

The ceremony took place during the II International Caspian Technology Forum Tekhnokaspy-2017 and was attended by the Oblast's leaders and the Forum participants.

The Project is being implemented by MedInTech LLC, a resident of Lotos Special Economic Zone since October 2016. It is expected that the facility will produce up to 200 million of the third-generation syringes annually. Investment of about 762.02 million rubles has been announced.

According to the World Health Organization, up to 3 million people globally contract diseases as a result of reusing of disposable syringes. Innovative design of the third-generation syringes minimizes the risk: after the single injection the needle retracts into the syringe body automatically, thus preventing it from being reused.

The Project's investor, Nikolay Sochin, says that the design has been widely recognized across Europe and the United States, but is completely missed in Russia; the facility in Astrakhan is about to become the first domestic manufacturing line of the kind. This means the beginning of a project with a significant impact on the national health in general.
"The new production lines for syringe manufacturing will be highly automated. We are going to use imported source materials at the initial stages, but it's definitely a Russian enterprise by at least 85%. We expect the first production batches to appear in a year", Mr. Sochin said.

"We are very proud to cooperate with such an investor. Nikolay Viktorovich has expressed his confidence in Lotos Special Economic Zone and our competence in general, and is now about to implement this unique Project here," - told Lotos SEZ, PAO's General Director Sergey Milushkin. He also pointed out that the new facility has been designed and about to be commissioned by Astrakhan companies.

In his turn, the Governor of the Astrakhan Oblast emphasized that the Project was about to enjoy full support from the regional and local authorities, and that the facilities' products should be adopted by the healthcare system for the benefit of millions of people and better future of the nation.

The Projects supreme goal - to benefit healthcare of the nation - was detailed in the message to the descendants announced by the General Director of MedInTech LLC Ramazan Faiziev and buried in a special capsule under the foundation stone of the future manufacturing facility.