MedInTech LLC at Importozameschenie-2017 Fair

On September 12, 2017, MedInTech LLC (resident of Lotos SEZ) took part in the Importozameschenine-2017 Specialized International Fair (Import Substitution 2017 Fair) held by orders of the Government of the Russian Federation and widely supported by federal authorities in Crocus Expo Center, Moscow, on September 12 - 14, 2017.

It was the first time a resident of Lotos SEZ presented its intentions at the Special Economic Zones' booth at Importozameschenine-2017 Specialized International Fair.

Importozameschenine-2017 Fair is a place for a Russian company to present its prospects in manufacturing competitive domestic product to substitute import goods and services, show possible ways of their business application and international marketing.

MedInTech LLC (hereinafter, Company) was represented by Aleksand Minsky, Marketologist, and Yakupova Delia, Head of Development Department. The delegation to the Fair was headed by the Company's founder Nikolay Sochin and General Director Ramazan Faiziev.

The delegation was sent to represent MedInTech LLC at the Fair, hold scheduled negotiations with experts from Russian Center for Export, JSC, carry out meetings with potential distributors and consumers of MedInTech LLC's products, as well as get to know other businesses form different Russian regions presented at the Fair which develop, manufacture, and market import substituting products.

MedInTech LLC's site at the Fair, 6 - 8 sq. meters, was confined to the Special Economic Zones' boot and equipped with chairs for negotiations, a stand with promotional printed materials, and a plasma TV. The Company showed information and promotion videos, and gave out booklets describing future products. The Company had its presentation printed in the Fair catalog.

The first day of the Fair brought several negotiations with medical distribution companies. The negotiations covered issues of distribution of MedInTech LLC's products in Russia and abroad. Participants discussed their experience and views on the finished product packaging, organization of sterile manufacturing and packaging lines, and wholesale challenges.

The negotiations resulted in memorandums of cooperation and opened ways for further integration of MedInTech LLC into the business.

On the same day, a regular meeting with Maksim Chapov, Senior Expert at the Russian Center for Export JSC (RCE), was held RCE was intended to become a special-purpose "single-access" organization for managing affairs with exporters requiring financial and non-financial support, including coordination of the Ministers and authorities involved into regulation of Russia's export activities.

MedInTech LLC hopes that Importozameschenine Fair will become a regular venue, and would like to thank Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade, Special Economic Zones JSC, and Lotos Special Economic Zone, PAO (Astrakhan Oblast) for their support of the Company's participation in the Fair.